Welcome to the home of the
“I am not Haraam” project - a blog created for
LGBTQ Muslims by LGBTQ Muslims.

Haraam is an Arabic word used in Islam to mean “forbidden”. This project has been started as a way for LGBTQ Muslims to stand up and proclaim that we will not allow our existence as LGBTQ Muslims to be erased any longer.
We are not kafirs, we are not deviant, our existence is not a sin. This is our space to say:

Call for submissions
We’re calling for any Muslim who identifies as part of the LGBTQ spectrum to submit to this blog. Allies and supportive families of LGBTQ Muslims are also welcome and encouraged.
The theme for submissions is quite simply,
“I am not haraam”
(or “my son/daughter/lover/sibling is not haraam”).

We’d like you to share what it means for you to be an LGBTQ Muslim. You can tell us about your struggles, your everyday life, anything that makes you, you!

Submissions can take any form; text posts, audio posts, art work, poetry, video etc.

How do I submit? You can submit by clicking on “submit” at the top of the page or by emailing iamnotharaam@gmail.com

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us.
Please note: This is a positive space for LGBTQ Muslims. We will not publish or respond to any negative or hateful remarks. We will not respond to any message asking us to justify our existence as LGBTQ Muslims.



Save Maryam campaign. Watch the video for more info.

Watch video

UGH! I thought Muslims would be above this sortof “Save Our Women” bullshit (and, frankly, I’m disappointed that more sisters aren’t calling this out).  

Let me tell you something about Maryam. She was born a man. She struggled with self harm and drug abuse as a teenager, without any help from her masjid. She was pushed out of her MSA for covering her hair. If she wants to pray in a masjid, she has to crossdress. Her family has all but disowned her. When she’s reached out to Muslims online, she’s been rebuffed, called a non-Muslim, told that Allah hates her, and worse. If she lived in Indonesia, she’d face constant harassment and violence. She’d be legally classified as mentally unstable. More than likely, she’d be forced into prostitution, making her life all the more dangerous.

So, go ahead. “Save” her. Save Maryam. What does Islam have to “offer” her, other than Re-education camps, forced gender conversion, being outed, or getting bludgeoned to death? You want to know why Muslims are leaving Islam? It’s not Christian missionaries, its not Western influence. It’s that many Muslims are being told that they’re not really Muslim. That they don’t know Islam. That their Islam is somehow wrong. Is it surprising when some of them decide, “You know what, maybe I’m not a Muslim.” Tell me, how is a TV channel supposed to counter that

There’s a reason we refer to each other as brother and sister. It’s because the ummah is supposed to be a family. Think about that. It doesn’t matter how big a family is, or how good it’s “quality” is. What matters in a family is how you treat the people in it. All the people in it, no matter what you think of them. Neglect even one person, it ceases to be a family. It becomes a country club or a football team. Something that needs constant recruitment to maintain it’s membership. And that’s not Islam.

To their credit, a lot of the Muslims do reach out, and are amazing and open (on tumblr anyway). But, if you’re worried about whether “Maryam” will leave Islam, worry instead about what you’ve done to make her know she’s welcome in the first place.

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